What Can A Roofing Contractor Do For You?

The obvious is the first thing a roofing contractor can do, place a roof on a new build or replace your roof with a new roof. In addition, they can maintain your roof and provide assistance in an emergency. 

A roof is essential in any building, and you want to ensure the roofing company does its job properly. To ensure this, make sure your roofing contractor is a professional. Before hiring anyone to work on your roof, for whatever reason, building new, repairing or an extension, check them out. Make sure they are legit and ask for samples of their work. Ask relevant questions about how they will tackle the job and what materials they will use. Finally, check they are insured and accredited.

It is advisable that you do some research to know if what they are saying is relevant and not just baffling you with bull.

DIY Roofing

This is an absolute no-no for many reasons. Firstly, learning to roof from YouTube videos differs from learning to change a plug. No matter how competent a DIYer you are, roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs to do. Not only are you at risk, but any helpers you bring on board—as roofing is a big job—could sustain an injury. 

If you don’t complete your roof to the highest of standards, you can end up with disastrous consequences that would be costly to put right. The same goes for repairing your roof and building a new one.

What A Professional Roofing Contractor Brings To The Job

  • Experience – making sure you get a well-planned and executed job done within an agreed time frame – with some exceptions for unpredictable UK weather!
  • Knowledge – a professional roofing company that knows the latest techniques, green technology and the right roof for your building – he can help and advise you in making the right choice for your building that fits its design and your budget.
  • Expertise and skill – Roofing contractors have both theoretical and practical knowledge. They know how to tackle unexpected problems or difficulties up on the roof. A roofing contractor combines his know-how with experience, producing a high-standard roof.
  • Safety – a professional roofing constructor undertakes extensive training in the correct safety procedures for working at heights.
  • Insurance – Roofing contractors should provide a guarantee on new and refurbished roofs. However, it is suggested that the owner has an IBG – Insurance Backed Guarantee, independent insurance that backs up the company’s guarantee.
  • They know the building regulations – although you are responsible for applying for building permission, he can guide you in the process – once he is working for you.
  • They use the best materials and construction workers. An established firm knows that the quality of the materials used and the quality of the finished project is what produces happy customers. Customers, you can recommend his work.
  • Professional companies have the right equipment, know what equipment is needed and the right tools that ensures your roofing work goes smoothly and expertly.

Putting it succinctly, a professional roofing contractor like JNR Projects brings all of the above together. This firm of accomplished roofers can assist you with small jobs, from regular checks and maintenance on your roof to placing or replacing a new roof. It is easy to contact them, call, email or use the online form.