How Can Home Insulation Help Me Save Money?

Installing home insulation can help you save money. Loft insulation or cavity wall insulation both have the capacity to reduce your energy bill and help you retain heat in your home. Read on to find out more about how home and roofing insulation can help you save money.

Improve Energy Retention In The Home

Insulation is a fantastic way to stop heat from escaping from the home. Loft insulation is particularly effective as it can save between £500 – £680 each year on your heating bill. Detached bungalows and houses will benefit most from insulation, as it can stop the escape of heat from your roof and walls. Terraced houses have the benefit of escaping heat from connecting houses additionally warming their properties. An initial investment in roofing insulation can save you thousands of pounds in energy costs over the years it is used in your home.

Add Value To Your Home

Every home comes with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The better the heat retention in your home, the higher the EPC rating. Reports suggest that a quarter of your home’s heat is lost through the roof, while up to 35% is lost through every uninsulated wall. Insulation will boost your EPC rating and significantly upgrade the value of your home instantly. This is because your home will seem more appealing to potential buyers as it is less expensive to run.

Avoid Future Penalties

In 2018, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) came into effect, which meant that you could only rent out a property with an EPC of E or higher. By 2030, the aim is to only allow property rentals with an EPC of B or higher. Investing in insulation now will avoid future penalties and obstacles to you acting as a landlord. If your EPC is found to be lower than a B by 2030, you may need to stop letting out properties or face a costly fine until you can resolve the issue. Stay ahead of the trend and invest in energy-efficient insulation now.

Maximise Liveable Areas In Your Home

Is the top floor of your home too cold to live in? With insulation, you can maximise the amount of viable living space in your home. Keeping heat in the upper reaches of your property could open up whole rooms as bedrooms and living quarters. At JNR Contracting, we even install under-floor heating in your loft to keep it warm all year round.

How Quickly Can I Make Back My Money?

You can recoup the cost of your initial insulation investment within two years. Within 24 months you’ll have got your money back and be ready to reap the benefits of better house prices, rental capacity and living space. 

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