Brick Repointing Leeds

Repointing Leeds

JNR Projects is a company that specializes in repointing jobs in Leeds and the neighbouring areas. We can repoint your brickwork regardless of its age. In addition, we work on a range of structures, including listed buildings.

Repointing is essential for keeping water out of the masonry and preserving it. If the mortar between the bricks deteriorates or is removed, water will seep into the masonry and cause damage. Repointing keeps your property in excellent shape and protects it from water damage. Repointing your home is a form of property maintenance that may be beneficial to you or future purchasers in many ways.

Professional Repointing in Leeds

For many years, we’ve been offering our repointing services in Leeds to clients. Our team has a combined 96 years of expertise repairing bricks on a range of structures. You may rely on us to repair anything from minor issues to complete exterior renovations so that your house looks brand new once again. Our specialists are capable of reporting things like just a chimney or the entire exterior makeover of a property.

We have all of the necessary abilities, tools, and expertise for any sort of repointing job -large or little! And our pricing is always competitive. 

So, what do you have to lose? Put your faith in us and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Get your home back to its former beauty.

Benefits to Repointing

For many years, we have worked with Leeds residents to provide high-quality repointing services. To guarantee that your property receives the best level of service possible, all of our reporting is handled by experienced and trained experts who are familiar with what they’re doing. The following are some of the advantages of brick repointing.

What is Brick Repointing

Repointing is the technique of restoring the bonding, or mortar, between bricks or stones in a wall. The original mortar may have deteriorated or been damaged by weathering or erosion, or it might have been removed during a previous restoration effort. In any case, repointing will return the wall to its pre-restoration state. Repointing is a crucial component of stone wall restoration. Water will seep into the masonry if repointing is not done, causing damage to the structure. While brick structures (such as chimneys) may be faulty if there is no or insufficient mortar between the bricks, it is rarely suggested that you attempt to repair them yourself in most cases.

If you have prior experience working with bricks and cement, repointing is a straightforward procedure. In most situations, you won’t need to replace the bricks themselves during repointing, although this may be necessary in rare circumstances where the damage is significant. Another reason to do it is that there are many distinct tools and supplies needed for repointing.

We have all of this equipment and supplies at JNR Projects to ensure that your repointing job in Leeds is done correctly. A hand saw or masonry blade, a hammer or mallet, and a towel or stiff brush are required tools. You’ll also need access to cement and spare bricks if they’re needed.

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