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Bradford Repointing

We are JNR Projects and we are experts at repointing work in Bradford and the surrounding areas. No matter the age of your property, if you are from Bradford, we can repoint your brickwork. As well as this, we work on all types of buildings including listed buildings. 

Brick repointing is important because it helps to keep water from seeping into the masonry and damaging the wall. If the mortar between the bricks deteriorates or is removed, water will get into the masonry and cause damage. Repointing helps to keep the wall in good condition and prevents it from being damaged by water. Having your property repointed is a type of building maintenance that will provide many benefits for yourself or potential buyers.

Professional Repointing in Bradford

We have been providing our repointing work in Bradford to our customers for many years. Our team have a total of 96 years of combined experience repointing bricks on all sorts of different buildings. You can trust us to do everything from minor repairs to full exterior renovations on your property so it looks as good as new again. Our craftsmen are cable of repointing simple things like just a chimney or doing a full exterior of a house.

We have all the necessary skills, equipment, and experience required for any type of repointing project – no matter how big or small! And our prices are always competitive too. 

So what are you waiting for? Put your trust in us and we promise you won’t regret it. Get your property looking as good as new again.

Benefits to Repointing

We have been established for many years and during this time, we have carried out numerous repointing jobs for customers in Bradford. To ensure your property has an excellent standard of service, all of our repointing work is carried out by experienced, trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Below we have listed some benefits to brick repointing.

What is Brick Repointing

Brick repointing is the process of renewing the pointing, or mortar, between the bricks or stones of a wall. The original mortar may have deteriorated or been damaged by weathering or erosion, or it may have been removed during a previous restoration project. In any case, repointing will restore the wall to its original condition. Repointing is a particularly important aspect of stone wall restoration. Without repointing, water will seep into the masonry and cause damage to the structure. While some brick structures (such as chimneys) may be defective if there is no or insufficient mortar between the bricks, with few exceptions it is not recommended that you try to fix them yourself.

Repointing is a fairly straightforward process if you have experience working with bricks and cement in the past. In most cases, you should not have to replace the bricks themselves during repointing, though this may occasionally be necessary in some cases where the damage has been extensive. Another reason you should there are many different tools and materials required for repointing.

At JNR Projects, we have all of these tools and materials to get your repointing job in Bradford done effectively. The tools required are a hand saw or masonry blade, hammer or mallet and a towel or stiff brush. As well as this, you need to have access to cement and spare bricks as they may be necessary.

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