How to Prepare For A New Roof Installation

Deciding on the investment for a new roof is rarely a quick decision unless there has been significant damage, possibly due to the increasing storms battering the UK. Some of the things that might participate in your decision for a new roof can include,

  • A spike in energy bills over and above the hike in recent prices – is possible due to hot and cold air leaking out through the roof
  • The roof is leaking water
  • Shingles are visibly cracked or damaged
  • Your roof sags
  • There’s mould in your home or business
  • Moss is growing on the roofing material
  • Roof not been replaced in 20-25 years

Once you have decided on a new roof you need to search out an accredited, established and experienced roofing firm, like JNR Contracting. You can then explore quotes, materials, and timing of the project. You need to ask questions about who takes the old roof and rubbish away, what kind of roof you can have, and what material options are. An experienced roofing constructor will be able to answer all your queries and more. 

Getting Ready For A New Roof Installation

Once you are satisfied and have agreed on a new roof, it’s budget and an installation time, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure all goes smoothly.

Roof Access

Gaining entrance to your loft may be easy to do indoors, but you have to think outside the box when installing a new roof. This is a big project, and your roofers need space to work efficiently and safely. 

  • Make sure your driveways and pavements are clear 
  • Remove planters and garden furniture to create an easily accessible space
  • Cover items you cannot move to protect from debris and dust
  • Don’t use the driveway to park your car. Park in your garage or away from the work area

Attic Clearance

However professional your roofing firm is, the dust gets everywhere. Removing any valuables or items that dust or debris could damage from the attic is a good idea. If it is too heavy to move, then cover it with a plastic cloth. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to clear out outgrown, unused, and even forgotten items tucked away in your attic space.


Be a good one and let your neighbours know that you are having the roof done, and despite all precautions, some dust and debris could be around. Agree on a work schedule, as roofing is a noisy job that not everyone wants to hear in the background when they are relaxing in their home. Letting them in on the known fact that a new roof raises house prices for you and those around is not a bad idea either.

Children & Pets

The noise of a roof installation can disturb young children and animals, and the materials and equipment can be dangerous. Keep children and pets indoors to avoid any accidents. Maybe even take the children out to friends and family while the work crew is in situ. Outdoor animals, like rabbits and ferrets, may need moving or rehoming during the installation to avoid dust, debris and noise.

Inside The House

A roof installation can cause vibrations, so taking down pictures or mirrors hanging on the walls and any fragile objects from wall shelves as a precaution is a good idea.

Outside The House

Professional roofing companies will completely clean up the surrounding area once the roof installation is complete, using special equipment to ensure it is a thorough job. However, you can help with this by keeping grass short – so nothing gets hidden in the long grass. 

Cover your flower beds and your trees, plus take down any hanging baskets. If you have a satellite on your roof, contact your supplier and arrange to have it removed for the duration of the installation.