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At JNR Contracting, we provide unmatched roofing services in Shipley to ensure your space is protected from the elements that cause wear and tear to your roof. We integrate various building and construction services to ensure your property can stand the test of both time and weather elements. Our team of professionals is well versed for a range of construction projects and brings to the table years experience.

Roof installation & Roof Repair Services in Shipley

Attic leaks, ceiling and wall stains are a disheartening look and can be a nightmare. Damaged roofing caused by blistering paint, sheathing decay and shingle damage can turn your sanctuary of comfort into an abyss of leaks and unprecedented cold. You don’t have to wait for the water to start pouring in whilst breaking out the buckets to pay attention to your roof.

Roofing is one of the most essential parts of your property because it protects your house, loved ones and valuable possession. Roof replacement and repair can be dangerous and tedious. For this reason, it is important to leave the job to professional roof repair specialists who will guarantee that the roof is correctly reinstalled or repaired.

Roofing felt

Roofing felt is an added layer of protection that comprises natural materials inserted between the roof shingles and roofing deck to repel water. 

Not only does it create a better-looking roof but also extends the life of your roof deck. It is effective at providing extra backup protection against weather elements such as ice.

Dry ridge and hips

Due to weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, traditional sand and cement have often resulted in cracked ridges and hips that eventually fall out. 

The dry ridge system has raked popularity in the recent past as an alternative method of fixing hip and ridge tiles. Their installation is easy, and the system requires less maintenance.

 Dry ridges and hips also confidently withstand bad weather and prevent water ingress.

Roofline replacement

Often, fascia’s and soffits are overlooked when upgrading or doing home repairs. However, they are an important part of the external house structure. 

They work together to keep off harsh weather elements and prevent the accumulation of debris. 

When left unattended, damages in soffits and fascia can make your home less energy efficient. Replacing and repairing them keeps your energy bills low.

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At JNR Contracting, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We prioritise the delivery of reliable and efficient services tailor made to suit your individual and commercial needs.

 We are health and safety conscious with the backing of external consultants who ensure our workforce is up to date on the required safety procedures.

Being a fully industry accredited company, you can rest easy knowing your project is being handled by the best. 

Our comprehensive solutions cover roofing, insulation, damp proofing and building maintenance. Contact us today for more information on our buildings and construction services.

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