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Are you desperately looking for quality roof repair services in Clayton? Well, here at JNR Contracting, we are experts at roof repairs.

A damaged roof is not only inconvenient in matters of weather but embarrassing as well. JNR repair roofs in Clayton and the surrounding areas is highly established in its core purpose, delivering top-quality roofing services. Here, we deal in all-rounded services, right from installation to maintenance and repairs. Reach to us for your emergency or other needs; we won’t hesitate to respond.

Clayton has various roof and roofing types, which we excel at handling. Our expert’s key areas of specialization include; metal roof, flat, inclined Asphalt Composite Shingles, or any other. So, what repairs do we offer?

Roof Leak Repairs

Almost all roofing contractors will do this; however, there is a positive difference when you come to us.

We have a team of specialists in this, and their division even goes further as to which roof and roofing type they handle. We can complete your project fast and in the most executive way you would ever want it through our high-tech strategies. Whether a metal roof, clay, concrete, etc., we diligently work to restore its quality shape.

Roof leakages result from multiple causes, a hit, break, or something else like a nail punch. It is one common problem which, however, calls for critical attention. Our strategy on these repairs begins with a thorough investigation which leads to quality resolutions.

Gutter Maintenance and Repair

Do you have blocked gutters? What about their state, are they still adequately fixed? Well, at JNR Contracting, we deal in this and anything else that comes attached. When preparing for either fall or spring season, gutters are part of your roofing structure you must ensure they are in perfect condition. According to the rules, gutter maintenance should be done two to four times each year.

When debris clogs your gutters, a drainage problem erupts. The potential of these could be severe flooding inside your house or on your ceiling- you know how bad that can look.

Typical causes of gutter damages include disconnections, rust, excess weight at some sections resulting in caving. When you have any of these problems, trust JNR Contracting. We provide ultimate results that guarantee the best performances.

Poorly Ventilated Roofs

Poor roof ventilation potentially causes damages which would rather be costly when not attended to in the long run. Excessive heat, for instance, would cause blisters on the shingle roof. When the air cannot flow properly, humid conditions develop, resulting in the rapid growth of mildew and mould.

Nonetheless, in other instances, poor roof ventilation could influence pest infestation. Therefore, you can imagine how horrifying it can be to have rats running around, here and there, on your roof.

JNR Contracting specializes in more roofing services, including leadwork, tiles, replacing valleys, slates, or partial felt areas. We cover both commercial and residential projects around Clayton through our installations, maintenance, and repair roles.

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